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MOVING SALE: Dynojet 224xLC Dynamometer

Dynojet 224xLC Dynamometer

This Dynojet is 10 years old, and has led a pampered life, purchased brand new by Bill Hahn Jr.,  his personal darling ever since.

Only occasionally fired up for tuning of our Hahn RaceCraft products, it’s been very lightly used.  It’s in wonderful condition, currently enjoying an in-ground installation as pictured; it can also be used above-ground. Available with either the pictured custom aluminum pit cover system for in-ground use, or with Dynojet platform system for above ground use (not pictured)…or both, if buyer so desires. Also includes a brand-new desktop computer.

Includes the electric load brake (xLC) option. The xLC load cell significantly increases capability for simulating real-world loading, also providing actual strain gauge measured power. The dyno can also be operated in conventional inertia mode. The load brake has the additional nicety of smoothly decelerating the dyno drum after a run in either mode, taking considerable stress off the standard braking shoes.

It’s in superb condition due to only occasional use, as well as the fact that primary use was in the 200-500 WHP range.  That’s a rather light load on this unit, which is capable of up to 2000 WHP.

Brand new, you can spend over $30K on this setup…or you can save five figures and get this one instead!

$19,500 or best offer

We have to re-home this sweetheart by September 30th, so if you’re interested, it’s best to move fast. Speak to Bill Hahn Jr for details:

Dynojet's Webpage for the 224xLC Dynamometer

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  • Bill Hahn Jr. of Hahn RaceCraft on

    Price has now been added…$19,500 or best offer

  • Armando on

    How much are you asking for it

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