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NEW! Valve Cover Breather Fitting, GM Ecotec and others

This fitting solves a problem Ecotec and other engines have faced for some time: how do I attach an attractive, effective AN-style fitting to my valve cover breather?

Until now, your choices were limited.  You would either use a hose-clamp style fitting that looks cheezy, or you'd remove the valve cover, extract the stock hose nipple, and machine a threaded port to accept a standard AN fitting.

We've made it almost too easy. This fitting installs directly onto the 12mm hose connection, and cranks down securely with a threaded collar.  Installation takes all of one minute...no need to remove valve cover for modification. It won't leak, won't come loose, and offers a -8 flare connection which will accept your breather or catch can hose.  Fits any 12 mm breather hose connection.  Looks great, and works great too!

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