SAVE 20% in the 2020 New Year Sale!

SAVE 20% in the 2020 New Year Sale!

The 2020 New Year Sale is now on, with a huge 20% discount to the first 20 orders! Get the New Year off to a great start, but don't wait too long...once we have 20 orders, this sale is OVER!

Just use discount code "2020" at checkout to save big - even more than a thousand dollars on a big order!

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  • Rupert W Herzog Jr.

    Hahn Racecraft, with their previous experience with 4 cylinder engines, seems to have a better grasp on what works and doesn’t work. Most companies I have talked to would do well to sell products for farm tractors instead of Slingshots. When asked about hp or torque gains their numbers seem far fetched and most products seem overpriced (steering wheel adapters and shocks for example). Hahn seems to have a more engineered approach and I hope to visit your shop with my Slingshot next time I am in Daytona. Hopefully we can get rid of the Covid 19 soon and enjoy our toys.

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