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Slingshot SST TurboSystem Group Buy...Includes Options and Accessories!

We're throwing it out there - a Group Buy for our SST SlingShot Turbosystems!  Lowest pricing EVER - save as much as $1000 or more on the TurboSystem of your dreams!

We're doing two tiers of pricing. If we achieve five participants, the discount will be a particular amount, but if we are fortunate enough to get ten, the discount will go deeper for all ten customers.

How we'll work it: we'll take orders at the five-quantity price. If by the target completion date, we have less than ten participants, the Group Buy will be at the lower discount. If we are fortunate, and the tenth does throw down, we'll invoke the higher discount for all ten orders, and immediately refund the difference to the first nine participants.

To keep this democratic where you customers are concerned, we'll also poll you if we get to the target date and ten participants have not been realized. The poll will be we wait for more members (for instance, wait another week), or instead move forward at the lower discount and thus end the Group Buy? I'll do whatever the customer group wishes in that regard. It will be a majority vote. I well realize that those who find themselves in the minority may wish other outcomes. I won't rule anything out, we'll work it out to suit as many as possible. I'll do whatever I can to stop anyone from leaving the Group, but I have to also be fair and equitable to all. That said, while we do consider joining the group to be an implied obligation, there is no actual legal obligation to proceed if you and I can't come to a mutually beneficial agreement under such a circumstance. Should the group's majority decision not suit you, and we can't come to an individual agreement, a money-back no-hassle guarantee is your assurance of confidence.

For five orders in the Group Buy (click the links below to learn more):

Stage 1 SST SlingShot TurboSystem: regularly $2699, Group Buy 5-unit price: $2429.10!

Stage 2/2X SlingShot TurboSystem: regularly $3399, Group Buy 5-unit price: $3059.10!

Should we attain TEN orders, here's the pricing:

Stage 1 SST SlingShot TurboSystem: regularly $2699, Group Buy 10-unit price: $2159.20!

Stage 2/2X SlingShot TurboSystem: regularly $3399, Group Buy 10-unit price: $2719.20!

All Stage 2/2X TurboSystems include our brand-new Gen 2 Upgraded Intercooler, as seen at this link. You can also view it at this video.

Thanks to popular demand, we've decided to add our Turbo Exhaust Systems and TurboSystem Options to the Group Buy as well...even our AEM Gauge Console.  The Group Buy discount code will apply across all of these items, as well as the turbosystems themselves. That discount code is "SSTgroupbuy", and can save as much as one thousand dollars or more on a fully optioned system!

Of course, all the Stage 2/2X TurboSystems will include our new Gen2 Intercooler as standard equipment.

Additionally, some new excitement...our StreetRace Billet Intake Manifold and PortFueler EMS are also now in the bidding, at the same discount levels of 10% and 20%. These impressive new products can be supplied as standard equipment on these GroupBuy TurboSystems, and I'll have more pricing data on this's surprisingly not as much as one might imagine! More to come.

So, we have until February 19th to gather up between five and ten participants, the total of which will determine the discount as shown below. Joining the group consists of visiting our website and placing your order. We will keep Group members apprised as the count increases. When we hit ten members, we'll rebate the additional 10% to the first nine members. You'll note I say when, not if. There is no "if"...IF we all bust our tails to fill the ten member target. The way I see it, what better carrot to dangle in front of the first nine members than to get them in on spreading the word, in heady anticipation of their rebate$ of hundred$ of dollar$ each?

March 21st is the end of the 30-day window for shipping, so all SST Group Buy TurboSystems will have shipped by then.

And so the Die is Cast...Let the boosted times roll, and save some serious cheese, in our first-ever Group Buy for SST TurboSystems!

Let's gang up on some BOOST!
-Bill Hahn Jr.

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