Our annual BOOSTober Sale is at full-spool, with cool di$count$ on our Precision-infused boost cocktails. Click the News section for details and BOOST IT!
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Treat yourself to BOOSTober savings on these Precision boosted upgrades and full systems!

As the weather cools, the boost spools - harder and harder! We're treating you to some cool fall deals, but there's one small trick - it's for a limited time only.

Here's the deal. ALL of our Precision-enriched boosted masterclasses are now discounted, for Cobalt, Sky, HHR, Solstice, and of course also Slingshot!  If you'd like to save hundred$ of dollar$ on a Turbo Upgrade, or even more on a complete TurboSystem, now's your chance to indulge on the finest engineering and fabrication available for these exceptional machines.

These prices are good...but they're only good for a limited time, so if you're ready to treat yourself, get in before we sell out. Check out the deals, they're on our front page as well as in the specific vehicle sections.

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