Billet Blow-Off Valve System, Sky RedLine

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This innovative design allows you to mount a performance blow-off valve directly to your RedLine.  The gains over the tiny stock BPV are substantial, especially on cars that are tuned for more boost and power.  The higher airflows developed on such modified machines demand a larger valve in order to bypass sufficient air. An optimally-sized valve such as this not only improves turbo response, it also reduces stress on the turbocharger.  The tiny stock BPV is no match for higher power!

We've added adjustability, allowing you to fine-tailor the valve's operation to suit your mods and driving style. The system also recirculates bypassed air back into the turbo inlet for the ultimate in turbo response after upshift, enabling smoother operation and easier tuning than an an open-discharge (atmospheric) valve.

Can also be used with moderate turbo upgrades that require an external BOV.

Bolt-in compatible with stock intake and charge-air piping, and also compatible with most aftermarket intakes and piping.*

Includes adjustable Billet BlowOff Valve, silicone mounting hoses, all needed hardware.  Also requires H CB-2000 BOV Bypass Plate (or equivalent) if used with stock turbo.

*Some simple modification of aftermarket intakes and charge pipes may be required.  We're happy to add helpful hints, contact Hahn Technical Support for details during installation.