NGK Spark Plugs, Ecotec, set of four

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What can we say, except we love 'em.  Great for normally aspirated performance, as they are a bit colder than stock. Inexpensive, bulletproof, and perfectly suited for turbo Ecotec (except LSJ).  They differ from the stock plug slightly, but in all the right ways.  Designed from the OEM outset as a turbocharged engine plug.  

Copper core, no tricky and expensive precious metals, for why pay more for long-mileage capabilities in a turbo machine where we swap out the plugs regularly just to keep them firing cleanly?  Has a slightly longer reach than stock in order to place that critical spark deeper into a turbocharged combustion chamber densely packed with air-fuel mixture.  Will not interfere with piston or valves, does not overheat under the highest boost.  

They just flat work, and they sure don't break the bank.  For boosted use, gap them at .028" to .035" depending on how hard you boost it, and have a ball!