Power Steering Upgrade, Solstice and Sky

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For cars that get driven hard on track days, or see extensive canyon carving, power steering (P/S) overheating can be a concern. Overheated P/S fluid can create significant strain on the P/S pump and steering rack, and can ultimately lead to failure of these expensive components. Protect them with this easy-to-install kit! This kit will relocate your P/S fluid reservoir away from the hot exhaust manifold region to a much cooler location by the battery.

  • Prevents the fluid reservoir from absorbing heat
  • Adds additional P/S fluid capacity for even more protection
  • Great for turbo or supercharged cars that create more heat
  • Affords additional clearance for larger turbochargers
  • Contains all needed hardware, hoses, fittings
  • Detailed installation instructions
  • Fits all years and models of Solstice and Sky, including GXP and RedLine