Saturn Sky/Pontiac Solstice

Hahn RaceCraft was the first to market with amazing product for Solstice and Sky. We worked closely with GM from the introduction of these striking machines as we developed our turbosystems for 2.4 and upgrades for 2.0 Turbo. We offer the highest-quality performance components available for these unique roadsters, each product a precise example of our legendary RACE-quality CRAFTsmanship.

Our owners Bill and Aubrey Hahn have owned no less than 11 Solstices and Skys, including many remarkable builds. Several are currently in the family. We enjoy everything these cars represent, from their looks to their chassis prowess to the fun they provide in top-down motoring - and, of course, they also possess that Ecotec engine we love so much!

Dont settle for less, go for the best! Hahn RaceCraft.