Stage 3/4 Upgrade, Solstice/Sky 2.4L TurboSystem

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A complete kit with all the parts needed to turn up your Hahn RaceCraft Stage 2 as much as 500 HP:

  • Stage 3/4 Fuel Injectors
  • Hahn RaceCraft Inline High-Flow Fuel Pump
  • Hahn RaceCraft Rubber-Isolated Fuel Pump Mount
  • Aeromotive Billet Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Hahn RaceCraft Solstice/Sky Regulator Mounting Bracket
  • Fuel Return System Conversion
  • Complete with mounting hardware, hoses, wiring, etc.
  • Installation and Tuning Manual
  • PCM Reflash (you ship PCM to us for this service)

A boost controller is also needed to adjust boost pressure upwards to either Stage 3 (maximum power on stock engine) or Stage 4 (requires internally built engine).  We can help with both, email if you'd like to learn more!