Ecotec Fab40 Turbo Manifold

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What makes the Fab40 the most durable, most proven turbo manifold design you can buy?   Simple.  A design that's been continuously and expertly refined for over 15 years, with thousands of units sold in that time.  They don't crack like thin tubular "turbo headers" as well as aftermarket cast manifolds are notorious for.  Fab40 is also lighter than cast aftermarket manifolds, yet well-proven to be more crack-resistant.

A turbocharger manifold leads a very hard life.  It has to contend with not only repetitive heating and cooling thermal cycles, but also significant vibration, all the while supporting the substantial weight of a twenty-plus pound turbocharger.  Fab40 addresses all these needs optimally, combining the best characteristics of both tubular and cast manifolds into a superior alternative.  

Expertly FABricated from robust Schedule 40 materials and thick flanges, its ideal metal temper and ductility are what make it so long-lived.  High-strength steel combined with precision machining and expert TIG welding get the job done like no other.  It's not stainless steel, for our development has proven that Fab40's fabricated cast-steel design is considerably more crack-resistant.  Of course, this is the very same reason OEM turbo manifolds are never stainless steel, as the OEM engineers also prefer high-strength steel for this challenging task.  

NEW! The Best Warranty in the Business

Your Fab40 manifold now has an unlimited warranty for 12 months, but better warranted against cracking for as long as you own it.*   Yes, that's right...should your Fab40 ever crack in normal use, the new one is on us!

Fab40 is not only supremely durable, it's powerful too, dyno-proven to support 700 HP.   Fab40 is truly the best of all worlds!  Fits all years and model Ecotec.   T3 turbo flange with 3/8 - 16 threads.  Use GM's latest style MLS exhaust manifold gasket for the best results.  Available without wastegate flange (for internally wastegated turbos), or with your choice of 39mm bolt-on (pictured), or V-band (Tial, TurboSmart, others) wastegate flange.


*Original owner only, proof of purchase required.