NEW! Gen2 Intercooler for Slingshot

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This new intercooler for Slingshot seriously ups the ante for forced induction on these dynamic three-wheelers.  With 62% more cooling capacity than our previous unit, it still nestles cleanly into the same space ahead of the radiator.  With a rugged bar-and-plate core and sculpted hand-fabricated end tanks, it looks as good as it runs! 

Featuring our exclusive Billet Clamp Mounting System, it mounts securely to the chassis.  With an inlet size of 2.5", and a 3" outlet, it's a direct swap for existing Hahn RaceCraft Slingshot SST TurboSystems. This exciting new piece can also be retrofitted to other forms of forced induction, including other make turbosystems and supercharger systems.

As compared to our Gen1 intercooler, this RACE-crafted piece not only supplies cooler, denser air at full boost for more power, it also improves throttle response across the board.  It's also a great choice for hotter climates, where its additional cooling capacity keeps your engine supplied with the coolest air possible.