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NEW!  PortFueler EMS for Slingshot

NEW! PortFueler EMS for Slingshot

$ 899.00

New from Hahn RaceCraft is our popular and innovative PortFueler concept, now configured for Polaris Slingshot.  Dubbed PortFueler EMS (Engine Management System), this exciting system provides extensive tuning capability similar to a standalone, but at a fraction of the cost and intensity of installation.  PortFueler is a concept we've used for years on other GM Ecotec applications, where it has proven itself eminently capable of providing precise, dependable and completely tunable engine management.

Adding Boost to your Slingshot
To date, if one wished to add boost via a turbocharger or supercharger on Slingshot, one had two choices: a "canned" PCM tune, or a complete standalone engine management system conversion.  The canned tunes work great for off-the-shelf turbo and supercharger systems, but allow no tuning or adjustability for custom setups and/or built engines that run higher boost.  Standalones (like Haltech) provide excellent tuning and adjustability, but are relatively expensive and are a major change to the machine.

Enter PortFueler EMS
PortFueler EMS is intended to offer an option between these two extremes.  It gives the tuner complete control over fueling and ignition timing, or can be ordered pre-calibrated to suit (yet still retaining complete tunabilty for customization, if so desired).  With PortFueler EMS, the stock PCM and injectors stay in place, with stock programming (flash) still in the PCM.  PortFueler EMS controls four additional injectors which are mounted in the also-new StreetRace Slingshot Intake manifold - Click Here to learn more about this exciting new intake manifold solution!

PortFueler EMS is directed by a controller built for Hahn RaceCraft by world-famous AEM (Advanced Engine Management).  The controller takes into account injector phasing, boost pressure and RPM, and provides complete mapping of fuel delivery and ignition timing via easy-to-calibrate fuel maps.  It also features a detailed datalog function that can be integrated directory into air-fuel meters such as the AEM Failsafe, allowing detailed analysis of air-fuel ratio vs. RPM and boost pressure for detailed and precision mapping.  Many other features are available within the PortFueler EMS controller, and the software is easy to use and understand.  

Operation and Performance
In operation, the stock PCM and injectors accommodate idle and normally aspirated engine operation. As the boosted range of operation is entered, the PortFueler EMS injectors are phased in, with their onset smooth and imperceptible.  Once in boost, PortFueler augments the stock PCM and injectors with its completely tunable fuel curve.

We have developed as much as 413 WHP @ 20 PSI boost on 93 octane fuel with PortFueler EMS, with our about-to-be-released BFB (Built for Boost) engine...and of course, that's with a STOCK PCM and injectors still in place!

Two Injectors Per Cylinder: Superior To One
At HahnRacecraft, we've executed considerable development with large single injectors in place of smaller stock injectors on boosted small engines, with all manner of control solutions including standalones.  While they work well, a large single injector per cylinder can have some drawbacks.  There will usually be some derision of idle quality, with a bit of lumpiness and/or "miss" sometimes evident.  Low-speed operation is acceptable, but not quite as crisp as it was with the smaller stock injector.  There are a variety of factors involved in this effect, but the big picture is essentially the much larger size of the replacement it flows over twice as much fuel as the stock injector, its accuracy and atomization at low flows is not as precise or tunable, and its overall characteristics are not what the stock PCM was engineered and programmed to optimally support.

For years, racers and high-performance tuners have solved this issue with two injectors per cylinder in a staged format, where one injector is used until fuel flow demands require the second one to begin operating.  This is a superior solution to one large injector, and that's why you'll see it used quite often on high-powered machines, especially those intended to be docile and drivable on the street.  This is the concept that makes PortFueler the most streetable and enjoyable alternative.

A second injector upstream of the stock location also performs a cooling effect to the incoming air charge via the thermodynamic effect called "latent heat of vaporization", as it has more runner length and there for time to cool the air than the stock injector location in the cylinder head.

As compared to Slingshots with large single injectors, the PortFueler EMS-equipped machine will idle crisper, take throttle more smoothly, enjoy improved low-speed driveability thanks to these tasks being performed by the stock injectors. The stock PCM and the stock injectors are, of course, quite well-optimized for these tasks. Then when boost comes on, so does PortFueler, with all the fuel flow you will ever need to support BIG power levels.  We've been pleasantly surprised at how our almost 500 engine HP iterations of PortFueler EMS on Slingshot have been, without exaggeration, also the smoothest, best-running Turbo Slingshots we've ever experienced.

Turbo Or Supercharged, Any Boost Level, We Have You Covered
PortFueler EMS and its companion StreetRace Intake Manifold is also applicable to supercharged machines, for all of the reasons above, plus the ability to experiment with different pullies/higher boost levels and have the ability to tune to suit, without having to go to the expense of a standalone.  An additional advantage of this pinpoint two-injector precision and extensive tunability is the ability to optimize air-fuel levels at all boost and RPM levels, allowing not only boost pressure changes via wastegate springs or supercharger pullies, but also to best execute multiple boost levels on turbocharged machines which employ a boost controller system.  No matter what boost level, the air-fuel ratio will be optimized, up to as much as 27 PSI.

Polaris Dealer Reflash?  No Problem!
Since PortFueler EMS does not affect stock programming on the PCM like a "canned" tune does, one need never be concerned about discouraging the Polaris dealer from reflashing, or risk losing their canned tune should the dealer flash a stock tune over it...which of course takes the Slingshot out of service while one sends the PCM back to the flash provided to be tuned again.  

Self-Compensating for Climatic and Atmospheric Changes
As PortFueler EMS uses a unique logarithmic approach to calculating fuel delivery based on stock fuel injector/PCM behavior, it will mimic the optimization the stock PCM achieves for weather and altitude change.  When the stock PCM adds more fuel for same, so will PortFueler EMS, and vice versa for when the stock PCM directs the machine to remove fuel for weather changes.  PortFueler EMS also precisely follows the stock sequential fuel injection timing, injecting only when the stock injectors do.

Fullly Mappable for Ignition Timing Too!
We've focused so far primarily on fuel delivery, but PortFueler EMS also empowers detailed ignition mapping vs. boost and RPM too.  No matter what your boosted configuration, the ignition timing can be optimized to suit your combo.

Available Pre-Calibrated for Popular Applications
We are developing a library of calibrations for PortFueler EMS on popular Slingshot boosted applications, starting with our own Hahn RaceCraft SST TurboSystems.  In time, we'll also cover supercharged as well as other turbo applications.  These calibrations are pre-loaded into the PortFueler control module, making installation a plug-and-play affair.  Such calibrations remain completely refinable to suit your custom installation.  If one wishes to start from ground zero with their own custom calibration, one can do that instead, or start with one of our pre-calibrated tunes as a baseline.

The Best Part: Economy and Affordability!
When one takes into account that the total cost of PortFueler EMS combined with the StreetRace manifold is STILL considerably less expensive than a standalone engine management, the economy of this proven, excellent solution really hits home.  All this tunability and performance, AND our power-enhancing, trick-appearing intake manifold, for less than the cost of a standalone alone!  

PortFueler EMS Includes:

  • Programmable Control Module with complete documentation and instructions
  • Pre-Calibrated Tune (if chosen)
  • Wiring Harnesses
  • 4) Fuel Injectors
  • Fittings and hoses to incorporate the PortFueler fuel rail into Slingshot's fuel system
  • 12-month/unlimited mileage warranty
  • Expert Technical Support

We will be adding more info and pictures soon, so stay in touch!

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