NEW! Slingshot Clutch and Flywheel Upgrade System, Forced Induction

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Looking for an ideal clutch upgrade for your supercharged or turbocharged Slingshot? Our intention in creating a superior clutch for the boosted Slingshot was to attain an ideal blend of characteristics: light weight, excellent holding power, and user-friendly operation.

With over a 50% reduction in rotating weight, the aluminum flywheel shaves off 11 pounds, as the stock automotive cast-iron piece is far heavier than it needs to be for a lightweight vehicle like Slingshot. Your engine will rev quicker, and won't give up power swinging a heavy flywheel. Our CNC-machined unit features a replaceable friction section as well.

Holding power is a must on forced-induction Slingshots. Our 15+ years of development with clutch configurations on the GM Ecotec engine in Slingshot has revealed much about how to make a clutch that will hold the power, but still be comfortable on the street. Racing style pure puck clutches hold the power marvelously, but all that grip comes at a price: the aggressive friction puck linings make for an abrupt, notchy engagement that can be downright annoying in street use. Further, the aggressive lining material tends to wear the pressure plate and flywheel friction surfaces rapidly, often leading to scoring that can create clutch drag; such drag will impede smooth shifting, leading to premature replacement of the clutch to regain shift quality.

The secret to smoothness and long life! In this view, both sides of the multi-friction clutch disc are visible, showing the puck-style on one side, the standard lining on the other.

Since we aren't trying to contain racing-style power levels of 800 or 1000 HP, we don't need a racing puck-style clutch. At the same time, we need to control 300-600 HP without slippage. Our solution is the multi-friction style 9.5" clutch disc you see here, which is also larger than the stock 9.0". By using a puck-style approach on one side of the clutch disc, and a more conventional Kevlar-based lining on the other side, we've achieved the ideal blend of holding power with excellent streetability. Takeup and engagement are much smoother and less abrupt than a pure puck-style clutch, and wear on friction surfaces is reduced. To further enhance streetability, a slave cylinder spacer is included to ensure correct pedal travel and full disengagement. For the ultimate street smoothness, the entire assembly is final-balanced as a unit.

How well does it work? We've held 500 HP with no problem.

More long will it last?  By design, much longer than pure puck-style units. We have this clutch in the field with over two years in a 500HP Slingshot with zero issues. 

The kit includes clutch disc, pressure plate and bolts, aluminum flywheel, slave cylinder spacer, and alignment tool. Easily installed by the typical technician, no special experience needed.