CoolRam Airbox System, Slingshot SST

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Designed to deliver not only power, but also a stunning engine bay appearance, the CoolRam Intake System is a unique product that underscores the Hahn reputation for innovation and quality. Developing true ram-air performance, CoolRam brings the coolest, densest air possible to your Slingshot's SST TurboCharged engine, for the ultimate in performance gain and reduced engine stress.

It all starts with a functional ram-air plenum box that seals to the bottom of the hood. This innovative approach seals out hot underhood air, and seals in cool air being drawn from the center headlight opening.  Just pop off the stock airbox and duct, install the ram-air box, and install the intake tube.  Quality hardware is included. We even include Allen-head screws to conceal the unused stock airbox holes!

The increase in power is evident across the board.  With more midrange punch, as well as top-end horsepower, CoolRam uncorks your Slingshot, but there's more!  Customers have reported fuel mileage increases, as well as actual pressurization of the intake system at higher speeds...this is true Ram Air in action!  Available in Red or Black powder coated finish.

The SST CoolRam Airbox System can be ordered as an option with your new Hahn RaceCraft SST TurboSystem, or added to an existing system.