Polaris Slingshot SST TurboSystem Stage 1, Slingshot

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The Slingshot Stage 1 SST TurboSystem includes:

  • Hahn/Precision CEA Turbocharger: Chosen by Bill Hahn Jr in conjunction with Precision engineers, this unit can support over 500HP.  Bill used his lifetime of experience with hyper-powered turbo motorcycles to choose a unit that, yet is specifically sized to optimize traction while achieving superb low-speed response.  
  • Precision 39mm Wastegate: Endlessly configurable!  Run the boost level that fits your needs! (Each Stage comes with maximum recommended boost levels).
  • Hahn Turbo PCM Reflash with 2-bar MAP sensor: Another Slingshot first from Hahn, this innovative 2-bar operating system conversion is the most sophisticated available, continuously refined by Bill and our powertrain tuning experts.*
  • Hahn RaceCraft SST Fab40 Turbo Manifold w/lifetime warranty: The Fab40 Turbo manifold, like most Hahn components, is designed and built in our facility.  In continuous production since the late 1990’s, with many thousands still in use today, Fab40 combines the best qualities of tubular and cast manfolds into a unit so strong, it carries a Lifetime Warranty.  It has been proven effective to over 700 HP.
  • Hahn RaceCraft SST Charge Air Piping: Mandrel-bent of aluminum tube in-house, this smooth design boasts no unattractive and turbulent welds, its smooth design providing an excellent engine bay appearance.
  • Hahn RaceCraft SST Air Intake w/ K&N filters: More aluminum mandrel-bent goodness, also free from welds, with the best filters (main and breather) that money can buy, both chrome-capped for that final touch.
  • Hahn RaceCraft SST TurboRam Throttle Body Plenum:  Our unique and highly crafted solution to Slingshot’s limited underhood clearance requires no wiring changes or throttle body relocation: with an O-ring seal to the throttle body, just slip it on, tighten the billet clamp and go!  This billet and Tig-welded showpiece is another handsome addition to the distinctive SST underhood appearance.
  • Hahn RaceCraft standard blow-off valve: Also available is our Billet Blow-Off Valve Upgrade (See below)
  • Hahn Silicone hose coupler kit with Wurth premium hose clamps
  • Upgraded fuel injectors: Only the finest quality, as selected by Bill from world-wide leader Siemens
  • Turbo oil line kit with Teflon stainless braided hoses (engine block or oil pan style drains available)
  • Complete hardware kit including fittings, gaskets and hoses
  • Detailed Installation and Tuning Manual 
  • 12 month/unlimited miles warranty

Click Here for more information on SST TurboSystem Options and Upgrades


Choose your Exhaust System!

The addition of the Hahn RaceCraft SST Turbosystem requires one of our exhaust systems to function optimally. We have three options available for you (click the name for more details!):
  • FullRace Exhaust: (Standard with all SST Turbosystems) As the name implies, this is the loudest option of all.  Simple and direct!
  • StreetRace Exhaust: Features a Magnaflow stainless-steel dual muffler, it's much more street-worthy than our FullRace option.
  • SidePipes Dual Exhaust: The ultimate in sound control and exhaust fume dispersion!  This system directs the exhaust off to the side of the vehicle.

    Options and Upgrades:

    Hahn offers a full plate of side dishes to complement your turbocharged main course, and like the SST system these extras are designed and developed by our very own Bill Hahn Jr to integrate perfectly. Personalize your boost experience with some great choices from Bill.

    *: PCM programming not included in price.  When you send in your PCM for programming, include a $420 check.  Details can be found in the Installation and Tuning Manual included with each SST TurboSystem.