Hahn RaceCraft/AEM Slingshot Forced Induction Gauge Console

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Our spectacular Slingshot Gauge Console features three high-quality, high-capability AEM gauges: Digital Wideband Failsafe Air/Fuel and Boost, Digital Water Temperature, and Digital Oil Pressure.  The pod mounts in the superbly visible position above the main instrument cluster. We've fully engineered this system to be a direct fit with Slingshot.  All Slingshot-specific installation parts are included*, as are complete instructions for both installation as well as integrating into the Slingshot's existing wiring. The gauge style nicely matches the stock Slingshot gauge look. Gauges come already installed in pod to speed installation.

This Gauge Pod looks as good as it works!  All the information you'll ever need for your turbocharged or supercharged Slingshot is at your service.  The Failsafe WideBand displays both boost pressure and air/fuel ratio, with the very specialized capability of being able to set FailSafe levels of boost and air/fuel ratio, helping your machine self-protect itself should an unsafe condition occur.  Digital water temperature and oil pressure gauges enable you to keep an eye on your engine's vital fluids.  Check the video (note, due to the video's clock speed, the gauges appear to flicker, this is not evident in real-world operation):

You can also click below for more information on the gauges' detailed features and functions:

Digital Water Temperature Gauge
Digital Oil Pressure Gauge
Wideband Failsafe Air/Fuel and Boost Gauge

*: water temperature probe installation requires a drill and a 1/8" NPT tap.