Triumph Exhaust System for Polaris Slingshot, now with SidePipe option!

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As used on the World's Quickest normally-aspirated Slingshot, a 12-second 1/4 mile performer!

We’re pleased to introduce this high-quality exhaust system for Slingshot. Thoroughly tested and “exhaustively” engineered, it hits all the bases, providing great sound with unparalleled attention to detail and durability. As in all Hahn systems, we combine superb American-sourced materials with expert design and US-made craftsmanship, providing a superior alternative to low-caliber imported systems. This pays off in not only attractive form and spot-on function, but also long-term satisfaction.

We start with a Magnaflow muffler in dual-pass configuration, which means we achieve a substantial 22” of muffler length, no small feat in the compact Slingshot engine compartment. This optimal muffling approach tames and tones the sound. With under-exit and side-exit options available, there’s a version to suit every taste of sound and aesthetics.

The gorgeously-fabricated all-stainless steel system is cleverly suspended from urethane mounts attached to the chassis, as opposed to springs or direct engine mounting. This approach removes excessive vibration and stress from the system, and ensures years of quiet, trouble-free operation. We provide all the hardware, from our exclusive billet aluminum/urethane chassis mounts down to every last nut and bolt required for a smooth, complete installation.

The sound quality is excellent, with a mellow growl at idle and a deeper voice at wide-open throttle. Power and response gains are evident across the RPM range, with an average gain of 10-15 HP. We've developed 217 engine HP (189 whp) with the Triumph exhaust when used in conjunction with our CoolRam intake system, StreetRace intake manifold, a tuned PCM and a 1320 header. 

The optional Tunable Baffle System allows one to fine-tune the sound to suit. 

While we've made excellent power with this exhaust and the stock exhaust manifold, we've made even more when our Stainless Steel header is used!

Under Exit

The Under-Exit version is the most affordable and easiest to install version, with the exhaust exiting under the machine in the same fashion as stock. The tone and volume are throatier than stock, but by no means unbearable, with mellow tone and no annoying cockpit drone. The optional Tunable Baffle System allows one to fine-tune the sound to suit.

Side Exit

Next up is the Side Exit, which enjoys the advantage of exhausting sound and fumes out the side. This has a twofold advantage as compared to under-exit. First, with the sound exiting to the side rather than beneath the machine, cockpit noise is reduced, as there will be no sound reflected off the pavement and striking your Slingshot’s underside. The elimination of this reflected sound wave also results in a smoother, cleaner exhaust note. Second, by expelling the exhaust gases into fast-moving air alongside the machine as opposed to underneath like stock, the tendency for exhaust gases to re-enter the cockpit from the rear of the machine is eliminated. A hexagonal-shaped trim plate is included for that ultra-finished look. The Side Exit’s sound can also be further tailored via our Tunable Baffle System.


NEW! SidePipe with Rear Exit

Now you can add that classic musclecar flavor with the ultimate in sound and fume control via the rear exit point. Available in chrome (pictured) or matte black finish for that stealthy look. The heatshield protects both your Slingshot's and your passenger's bodies from excess heat. The SidePipe also contains internal baffling along its entire length, making this the mellowest of all Triumph systems.