Polaris SlingShot Performance Upgrades

Would you prefer boost - or normally aspirated?

Either way, Hahn has you covered. If you'd prefer the simplicity of a normally-aspirated combo, we have the world's quickest. Then again, if you'd like to go turbo, we also have the world's quickest. 

No boost for you? Then bring it with the combo of our CoolRam Intake, Street Race Intake Manifold and Triumph Exhaust, the only one proven to run 12-second passes in the 1/4 mile while developing over 210 engine HP. Serious components that make a serious difference. 

Need more? Then BOOST IT with the highest quality and performance you can buy for Slingshot, no corners cut and looks to die for. Here again, we have the world's quickest turbosystem, which has run as quick as 11.5 seconds in the 1/4 as it comes, off the shelf. Explore options and customization galore as you configure the killer system YOU want. 

It's all here at Hahn. Why just settle for less when you can afford the best? Come get you some!