Hahn/Precision Turbo Upgrades and TurboSystems: Summer Sale Priced NOW!
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Solstice/Sky 2.4L Turbosystems

NEW! Precision Turbos and Wastegates now standard equipment on Hahn Stage 2/2X 2.4L Solstice and Sky TurboSystems!

The most popular TurboSystem for Solstice and Sky just got even better! Now equipped with the world-class Precision 5531 and Precision 39mm wastegate, Hahn delivers ultra-modern features in a turbocharger you can also build the way YOU want. Looking for an even bigger unit? We can provide any Precision turbo you desire.* Want to go dual ball-bearing for the ultimate in response and durability? Just say the word. Hahn and Precision will take care of the rest!

The rest of the TurboSystem is still all business…and all Hahn. We’ve continuously refined this system over nearly a decade of continuous production. Everywhere you look, the Hahn touch is there. Insightful design, Outstanding appearance, Sumptuous TIG welds, and Exceptional performance; ever the Hahn promise!