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NEW! StreetRace Intake Manifold, Slingshot

NEW! StreetRace Intake Manifold, Slingshot

$ 899.00

Now for Slingshot!  An exciting new version of a favorite Hahn RaceCraft component, boasting a dyno-developed design providing excellent airflow and performance gains.  StreetRace is a billet-machined precision production, carefully crafted into a visual showpiece via our world-class TIG welding.  

An exclusive feature are the short, tapered runners.  They've been shaped and refined to create maximum velocity as well as superior flow, a serious improvement over the long, restrictive stock plastic intake manifold runners.  StreetRace also nestles perfectly into Slingshot's snug engine compartment, carefully configured to fit under that sleek SS hoodline.  It brings a presence that is undeniable when the hood comes up, where it looks like it just...belongs there.  

We've made 184 WHP with this StreetRace intake manifold when paired with its companion Slingshot CoolRam intake (as partially seen in pink engine compartment view) and combined with our Hahn SidePipes exhaust.  This impressive result is on an otherwise stock Slingshot.  As the graph comparison above shows, StreetRace adds outstanding power at higher RPM, where you can really feel the manifold extending the top of the usable powerband, not just falling flat like the stock manifold will.  The stock power begins to fall off about 5500 RPM, where the StreetRace manifold is still increasing in power all the way to 6500 RPM.  

When ordered for a standard Slingshot (not turbo or supercharged), you can also add our famous CoolRam intake system and airbox as an option.

Our StreetRace Manifold is also an excellent alternative for boosted Slings, whether turbo or supercharged. Pressurized engines benefit from the enhanced airflow and reduced restriction StreetRace manifold brings, building more HP per PSI of boost.  This work of billet aluminum artwork also won't rupture or burst at higher boost pressures like the stock plastic intake manifold can.  We've even used this manifold design on 800HP Turbo Ecotecs, and we're confident its capable of much more!  So far on Slingshot, in conjunction with our also new Built for Boost (BFB) engine series, we've developed 407 WHP on 93 Octane with this amazing manifold when coupled with PortFueler EMS (Engine Management System).

On some of the accompanying photos, you'll note an additional injector and fuel rail set, which is our PortFueler option*.  This is also the Slingshot debut of our very popular PortFueler system, which enables pinpoint control of boosted fueling needs that is user-accessible and easily tunable.  An AEM programmable control module monitors vital functions like boost and RPM, precisely directing its PortFueler injectors.  It's 100% mappable to suit individual machines and custom builds.

PortFueler provides as much versatility in fuel and ignition mapping as a fully programmable engine management solution, but at a fraction of the cost.  The software is easy to use, much quicker to learn than an entire engine management system.  If you or your technician likes to tune, you'll be creating your own refinements in no time.  We also will offer fully-tuned versions that are ready to install and go.  We've used PortFueler for years with great success on Ecotec and others, making it a well-established approach to engine management.  More info to come as we now flex this proven muscle on Slingshot!

With looks that kill, and performance and options to match, our StreetRace intake manifolds take Slingshot to the next level.  Don't be left behind.

Powder coating also available, in the variety of colors shown.  When you choose both the CoolRam Intake and powder coating, both your StreetRace manifold and CoolRam intake system/airbox will be color-matched powder coated.

Current lead time: 4-6 weeks.

*: PortFueler option adds fuel injector bosses and fuel rail with mounts.  PortFuelerEMS injectors and control units, available separately, are not included in that price.  Pricing on complete, turn-key systems soon to come!

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