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PortFueler System, 1999-2007 Hayabusa

PortFueler System, 1999-2007 Hayabusa

$ 399.00

The motorcycle version of our popular PortFueler System, this innovative approach has a number of key advantages:

  • Fully Mappable to suit any need
  • Replaces the squishy and undependable stock rubber boots
  • Provides fuel at precisely the correct location, directly adjacent to stock injectors
  • Allows retention of stock injectors if desired, or larger than stock if so equipped
  • Splits large fuel loads among two injectors per cylinder for superior atomozation and driveability
The billet injector housings are tiny works of machining art, and incorporate O-ring sealing to the cylinder head and throttle bodies.  They'll withstand any amount of boost, and never leak.

The Control Module reads boost and RPM, is 100% programmable, and comes pre-loaded with great maps to get you started.  On a lightly modified Hayabusa (stock head and cams, stock engine size, moderate sized turbo), no further tuning will be needed...but if you need to fine-tune it to accommodate more aggressive mods, it's cooperative.

In conjunction with the stock injectors, the injectors supplied with PortFueler will support up to 500 HP.  A 1:1 billet fuel pressure regulator is provided to replace the FMU common on many entry-level turbosystems.

Mounting System Only: If you'd like the hardware, but would prefer to provided your own fuel pressure regulator, injectors, and control unit, consider our PortFueler Mounting System.  It includes injector housings, O-rings, fuel rail and brackets, and hardware.  Accepts most standard fuel injectors.

Complete PortFueler System: Contains all you see in the Mounting System but also includes fuel injectors, control module, quality Aeromotive billet fuel pressure regulator, and programming software.

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