Stage 2/2X TurboSystem, Pontiac Solstice/Saturn Sky 2.4L

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NOW with upgraded charge and intake pipes and 60% larger Gen 2 Intercooler! Bigger and better than ever.

Hahn RaceCraft was not only the first to turbocharge Ecotec, we were also the first to bring boost to the dynamic Solstice and Sky, beating even GM to that boosted punch. With over a thousand Solstice/Sky TurboSystems sold to date, the only company that has turbocharged more Solstices and Skies than Hahn is GM themselves!

Now, we bring you the latest innovation in our wildly popular TurboSystem.  The next generation is here...we've kicked open the door to the future with our new Precision-equipped TurboSystem for Solstice!

The Solstice/Sky Stage 2/2X TurboSystem includes:

  • Hahn/Precision CEA Turbocharger: Chosen by Bill Hahn Jr in conjunction with Precision Turbo engineers, this 5531 unit can support over 500HP.  If you’re looking for even more power potential, or a different Precision turbo model, just let us a Warehouse Distributor for Precision, we can provide whatever you desire
  • Precision 39mm Wastegate: Configurable in either Stage 2 or Stage 2X, we give you the option to choose from different power levels.
  • Hahn Turbo PCM Reflash: This complementary tune is provided at no additional cost, and is continuously refined by Bill and our powertrain tuning experts. It can be customized to suit your particular build and atmospheric conditions.
  • Hahn RaceCraft Fab40 Turbo Manifold w/lifetime warranty: The Fab40 Turbo manifold, like most Hahn components, is designed and built in our facility. In continuous production since the late 1990’s, with many thousands still in use today, Fab40 combines the best qualities of tubular and cast manifolds into a unit so strong, it carries a Lifetime Warranty. It has been proven effective to over 700 HP, and if it ever breaks, we’ll replace it!
  • Hahn RaceCraft Gen 2 Intercooler: Also produced in-house, our intercooler design carefully takes advantage of incoming cooling air, but does not affect critical airflow to your radiator. The Gen 2 design provides 60% more cooling cpacilty than our previous unit.
  • Hahn RaceCraft Charge Air Piping: Now larger using all 2.5" and 3" tube, these  are mandrel-bent of aluminum tube in-house. The clever enhancement boasts one-piece tubes, its smooth design providing an excellent engine bay appearance.
  • Hahn RaceCraft Air Intake w/K&N filters: Now in a full 3" diameter with a larger filter, this is more aluminum mandrel-bent goodness, also free from welds, with the best filters (main and breather) that money can buy, both chrome-capped for that final touch.
  • Hahn RaceCraft standard blow-off valve: Also available is our Billet Blow-Off Valve Upgrade (See below)
  • Hahn Silicone hose coupler kit with Wurth premium hose clamps
  • Upgraded fuel injectors: Only the finest quality, as selected by Bill from world-wide leader Siemens
  • Turbo oil line kit with Teflon stainless braided and hi-temp silicone hoses.
  • Complete hardware kit including fittings, gaskets and hoses
  • Now suitable for automatic transmissions as well as manual
  • Detailed Installation and Tuning Manual 
  • 12 month/unlimited miles warranty




Options and Upgrades:

Hahn offers a full plate of side dishes to complement your turbocharged main course, and like the TurboSystem these extras are designed and developed by our very own Bill Hahn Jr to integrate perfectly. Personalize your boost experience with some great choices from Bill.