3" Stainless Precision Turbo O2 Housing, Cobalt SS and HHR SS

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A direct fit for our Precision Turbo upgrade, this finely-crafted 304 SS O2 housing replaces the stock cast iron piece.  Attaches directly to Precision turbo, no adaptor needed.  Works in conjunction with all downpipes, including stock and aftermarket.  Beefy 10-gauge materials are used to resist failure.

As compared to the stock housing, this unit is lighter, flows better, and also cleans up low speed operation by creating a more precise path of exhaust gases to O2 sensor.  Your car will idle better, respond better, and create more optimized fuel trim tables for smother low-speed operation overall.

Of course, like any Hahn product, the primary goal is higher performance, and while this unit is very effective at low speeds, it also flows like crazy at WOT!

Two versions are available: either standard 4-bolt, or V-band attachment.