Precision Turbo Upgrade, Cobalt SS/HHR SS

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Precision turbos have made quite a name for themselves, and in recent times they've really cranked up the development on turbos in the power ranges that Ecotec runs with.  We go way back with Precision, as the owners of both companies (Bill and Harry) used to work with one another in each other's garages, way back in the 1980's as each was starting their respective businesses.

So what's in a Hahn/Precision Cobalt/HHR Turbo Upgrade? Quite a lot. We retain the stock turbo manifold, for it's well designed and well-proven to support higher power, both in terms of flow as well as durability.  We provide all the parts to mount the Precision turbo of your choice, making the entire installation a one-stop affair.  From our innovative mounting housings, to every single bit of plumbing and hardware, you can have a Precision turbo and external wastegate mounted in an afternoon. You don't even have to remove your stock turbo manifold from the engine to install the Hahn solution.

We've continued to refine this kit, and it now includes coolant line delete hardware, a new GM gasket for the mounting housing to manifold connection, and in addition to our proven Turbo Mounting Stud Kit, we now include a serious Downpipe Mounting Stud Kit with locking nuts designed specifically for exhaust use.

In addition to many options on the Precision turbos themselves, we also provide a 3" O2 housing in either 4-bolt or V-band style (both pictured above, V-band only available on .63 AR on 5558, 5858, 5862 and 6262).  It's precisely fabricated from beefy Schedule 10 materials, making it much thicker and stronger than the typical crack-prone thin tube that some other companies use. This housing will attach to a stock lower downpipe, or any aftermarket LNF downpipe.  If you'd like to add a second O2 sensor bung to your new Hahn O2 housing, click here.

You'll control your new Precision 39MM wastegate much like you do the stock turbo's internal wastegate actuator, using the PCM-directed solenoid.  But you'll have nearly endless boost tuning options now, as we send along a box of different wastegate springs so that you can nail it, the way YOU want it to work.  A dump pipe for the wastegate is also included.

Hahn RaceCraft's proven LNF turbo concept, now better than ever with Precision Turbos!  Please let us know if you have a Precision turbo desire that is not reflected in our offerings here.

NOTE: Due to the dozens of possible turbo combinations offered in this versatile upgrade, we order the turbos from Precision per order.  This means a lead time of from one to three weeks.

Check this video of Dylan Sigue's "ShortBus" Cobalt, now in the low 11's @ almost 130 MPH with our Precision 5858 Turbo Upgrade, as he buries a ZO7 Corvette!  Looking for this kind of stunning power and tuning work?  Hahn RaceCraft can provide it!

Q: I am looking for a turbo to be spooled by 3000-3500 rpm and around 400whp. I'm not expecting to bolt on a turbo and get those exact results. It would be fully bolted, Meth injection and tuned aggressively by the end of it. 

​A: If you plan to stay with the stock engine, the 5531 and 5831 are great choices.  If you intend to build the engine now or later, a 5558 or 5858 is worth considering.  High-achieving builds of 600+ WHP are 6262 territory.  

Also keep in 
mind, no matter which turbo option you choose now, swapping in the Precision turbo of your choice in the future will be very straightforward.  The Hahn RaceCraft conversion will already be in place, so all you'd have to do is swap the turbo itself...and we'll get you a great price on the right unit when the time comes to bring more game.  Simple and affordable when it's time to step up!

Q: What else do I need to install the Hahn/Precision Turbo Upgrade?

A: An external BOV system and a new tune, both of which we can also provide.  We would assume the machine already has full bolt-ons.

Q: Is it necessary to relocate my MAF to the lower charge pipe?

A: No.  Even with an open (atmospheric) BOV, competent tuning can accommodate the MAF in the stock position in the air intake.  We also offer recirculating BOV's for those who'd like the most OEM-style result.