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Three generations and counting!

Bill Hahn Sr

The patriarch of the Hahn clan, Bill Hahn Senior blazed new trails throughout his famous career.  A hot rodder from an early age, Senior followed the siren song of Route 66 and took that famous highway all the way from sweet home Chicago to idyllic Los Angeles.  He founded Action Fours in 1969 upon the debut of the equally trail-blazing Honda SOHC 750 Four.   Seriously inspired by this amazing new motorcycle, Bill took his new company straight to the top of the high-performance world that served these exciting new machines.

Bill Sr’s next move was radical…and revolutionary.  He sold Action Fours and embarked upon his newest venture, a firm he dubbed American Turbo-Pak (ATP).  His groundbreaking turbocharging system would revolutionize two-wheeled performance forever, igniting a spark of motorcycle turbocharging that has burned brightly ever since.  Soon ATP had systems for many bikes, with substantial worldwide sales.

Yet Bill was again restless, and had another goal in mind…the quickest motorcycle on earth.   ATP had shown him that fully developed, the power he could make with turbocharging practically knew no bounds. He once again sold his successful company, and next founded Bill Hahn Products (BHP).  BHP’s goals were simple: design and build the baddest turbocharged motorcycles and equipment  the world had ever seen. BHP built on his earlier successes in the very best way.  In 1986, a BHP-designed and built Kawasaki set the world’s first six-second ¼ mile motorcycle record, the only time in drag racing history that a turbocharged machine would beat supercharged nitro to the next level of performance. 

BHP would continue to outfit the quickest turbocharged bikes in motorcycle drag racing until Senior’s untimely death in 2009.  His legacy lives on in the racers he inspired, as well as the young men he sired.


Bill Hahn Jr

Generation 2 of the Hahn legend is Bill Jr.  Unbeknownst to many, Jr. actually grew up away from his famous father.  All the same, Mom Hahn was apparently attracted to gearheads, as Bill Jr. was brought up by a stepdad and family that lived and drag raced cars in Chicago.  Bill was inevitably inspired by the bikes of his father way out in California, and at the young age of 14 built his own twin-engine minibike in tribute to the wild full-size machines his Dad and others built and raced in SoCal.

Once of driving age, Bill Jr. quickly gravitated to the Chicago street racing scene.  The L88 ’68 Camaro he built at age 18 hit hard, never losing a race…but it quickly drained the young man’s still-developing wallet.   He wanted to go a lot faster, and to take his racing off the street, but doing it on four wheels was expensive.   Fortunately, he had another very good option!

Bill Jr. played that dragbike card next.  With his father’s help, hit the ground running…and running very hard!  Rookie of the Year in his first season with the International Drag Bike Association in 1985, he would march on to his first Pro World Championship seven years later.  But even that was just the beginning!  Junior was on a solid roll.  For the next ten years would rack up more wins, records, championships and awards galore.  Intensely innovative like his father, his machines were always different; different enough not only to win races, but to also help show the way to the future. 

Along the way, Bill Jr. founded Hahn RaceCraft in 1988, making his lifelong passion a full-time occupation.


In the time since, Bill Jr. has turbocharged not only bikes and cars, but also airplanes and boats.  He’s boosted everything from V-Twins to V-10s, with a reputation of inspired design and show-stopping appearance to accompany his signature race-winning performance.   Today, Bill Jr. remains intimately connected to the daily operations of Hahn RaceCraft. 

From designing dynamite new product to overseeing quality production, Bill never wavers from the family mission: exceptional performance, not only in function, but also in value.  Dollar for dollar, the quality standard of Hahn RaceCraft is a market exclusive. Bill calmly and confidently states the best is yet to come.  With two generations of Hahn excellence backing that statement, it’s practically a given!  


Adam Hahn

The third generation in the Hahn dynasty began his drag racing career at 16, driving a 700 HP FWD Pontiac Sunfire that was a world record holder in its own right.  Low 10-second ¼ miles in his street-driven hot rod showed he had the Hahn skills, a point he drove home in taking his first-ever win at a dragbike meet…a mere 24 hours after his first-ever drag passes on a bike! 

Much more than just another jockey in the stable, Adam assists in the modern voice of Hahn, adding a Millennial flavor to the sophisticated Hahn legacy.  While Bill Jr. polishes his gems in the shops, Adam brings that Hahn intensity to other areas of the enterprise, writing his own chapter of the Hahn saga as momentum grows in the popular markets his father and grandfather helped create.