Dodge SRT4

The Hahn Chrysler Turbo Legacy is very long and mighty strong, stretching back almost 20 years with numerous achievements.  The next chapter is being written now.  As we transition our SRT-4 Turbo Upgrade product line to Precision Turbochargers and external wastegates, we’re looking for a few good cars.  If you are the owner of a modified SRT-4, and you are interested in being part of the future of Hahn, we’ll make you a deal; we will install one of these new Precision Turbo-equipped Hahn RaceCraft Turbo Upgrades on your machine for…zero labor.  That’s right, you just pay for the product, and we’ll foot the bill for the install, including free dyno tuning by Bill Hahn Jr. himself!  

The installation will take one to two weeks as we finalize engineering of the Turbo Upgrade.  If you think you have what it takes, email Bill at  Once we have a good field to choose from, we’ll be choosing one lucky SRT-4 owner.  May the best Skittle get boosted!