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Pontiac Solstice: continuing the Hahn legacy of Ecotec Boost!

The superbly sporting Pontiac Solstice debuted not long after we pioneered turbocharging the GM Ecotec engine.  Building off our solid reputation that kicked off when we built the first-ever Ecotec Turbos for GM's SEMA cars in 2002, we attacked Solstice and Sky with great vigor in 2005.

Next, it went positively viral.  From Hahn-built Solstices on famous TV shows like BullRun Rally, to record-setting performances on the dyno and dragstrips, Hahn has led the way in turbocharging the very capable Ecotec in Solstice.  With products for both 2.0L GXP Turbo as well as 2.4L base model, Hahn's deft touch creates boosted power you can depend on...mile after mile, year after year.