Hahn/Precision Turbo Upgrades and TurboSystems: Summer Sale Priced NOW!
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Precision Turbochargers

Long associated with Mitsubishi turbos, Hahn RaceCraft has now taken it to the next level by incorporating the popular Precision Turbo line.  The features and performance of Precision are what our customers have been asking for, offering mega-modern designs with options galore.  More power?  You got it.  External wastegates?  Yes sir!  World-renowned Hahn attention to detail and exquisite design?  Of course.  It’s the perfect marriage of superb Turbocharger technology and respected TurboSystem engineering.

We’re currently working our way through our product line, converting not only our complete TurboSystems to Precision power, but also our Turbo Upgrades for factory turbo cars.  First up is the Solstice and Sky series, for which we are completing development on complete TurboSystems for the 2.4L engine at this time. Next up are Precision-powered Turbo Upgrades for the factory turbo 2.0L models.  All will feature proven Hahn design and also unique features, such as our new low-restriction 1.625” wastegate tailpipes.

Precision integration into Hahn product has been occurring throughout 2015, and we’ve already scored early victories!  Our breathtaking new Polaris Slingshot SST TurboSystems have been well received, with the Precision 5531 turbo making its Hahn debut in this, our newest TurboSystem.  Around the continent, Hahn Turbo Slingshots have been making many friends with a wide, usable powerband and 300+ HP on tap.  On the other end of our development spectrum is our customer Ben Shives, whose Hahn Turbo Cobalt has already put down over 600 WHP!  Ben’s complete Hahn Cobalt TurboSystem is Precision 6262 equipped.

Off to a great start, and boosting into a powerful future…Hahn RaceCraft and Precision Turbo!