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Technical Support


All Technical Support Requests are to fill out the "Technical Support Request Form" below.  There are no exceptions; Hahn RaceCraft personnel are unable to initiate technical support without a completed request form.  

Full Technical Support is available to all Hahn RaceCraft new product purchasers at no charge, intended to address questions that may arise during the installation and subsequent use of a Hahn RaceCraft product.  While the warranty period for most Hahn RaceCraft products is 12 months, we will provide free technical support for 24 months on most products.

While we do appreciate that our product will be installed in some cases by non-professional (amateur) installers and enthusiasts, our ability to remotely support amateur installers may require professional assistance on your end. Problems caused by amateur installers can also void your warranty.  

Should you desire our assistance with finding such a professional, please indicate same in your Request, include your ZIP code, and we'll be happy to share with you some proven quality options in your region that are up to the high standards of Hahn RaceCraft.  With 30 years in business, we have a vast database of such shops,


    We store detailed records of each Tech Support case.  Should you be contacting us about a previous support case, please refer to it in your current inquiry.


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