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The Best of Hahn

A brand-new page, started on 10/5/2016.  
We'll keep adding more of the excellence that has defined the Hahn legacy!

Of course, one of the most fun things one can do is to just Google "Hahn RaceCraft" and then click Images.  28 years in business has left quite the photographic impact on the World Wide Web!  You'll see the story of Hahn through the years, told in pictures galore.


Hahn RaceCraft Twin-Turbo GTO, SEMA GM Design Award Winner



Click this link to view the Sport Rider Magazine Archive, 1996: Hahn RaceCraft dominates the UFO Competition!

Click THIS link to see the overall Sport Rider UFO 1996 article



Throwback...WAY back in 1989, when Hahn RaceCraft was but one year old, we took the road show to Cayuga, Canada for an IDBA race. That's our very own Bill Hahn Jr, taking his frustrations out on yet another helpless Goodyear slick!