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MaxFlow Catalytic Converter Upgrade, Solstice GXP

MaxFlow Catalytic Converter Upgrade, Solstice GXP

$ 425.00

If you'd like a converter upgrade that doesn’t trigger the check engine light, then we've got you covered.  This is a full 3” stainless steel mandrel-bent direct fit converter. We use a 5” long 200 cell stainless steel wound coil converter. These are a special internal design made especially for turbos and superchargers.

We chose the substantially more expensive 5” converter (most manufacturers of this type of converter use a 3” to 3 ½ cat body) for a few reasons:
1. The more substance inside, the better it cleans the exhaust gases.
2. The 5” coil lasts longer than the 3” as there is more contact area for the gases to contact.
3. The sound quality is much better. It’s a softer, less harsh exhaust note with the 5”coil.
4. This converter is built to last. Each individual coil is tack welded.

•  15 HP increase, 8 extra foot pounds of torque increase.

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