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Billet Blow-Off Valve, Cobalt SS/Turbocharged

Billet Blow-Off Valve, Cobalt SS/Turbocharged

$ 240.00 $ 350.00

Billet Blow-Off Valve System, Cobalt SS/TC: Includes Open Discharge Billet BOV and hardware for Hahn Charge Air Piping.  Offered two ways: Open Discharge and Recirculating.

As the name implies, the Open discharge simply vents the bypassed air under the hood.

Our Recirculating version is a clean solution to a recirculating system which will take the air the blow-off valve discharges and direct it back into the turbo inlet.  This will provide faster turbo spool after upshifts, and is generally a smoother operating system as compared to external or open discharge.  This version includes piping and hardware to duct air back into our CoolRam intake system for Cobalt.


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