NEW! 2.0L Ecotec BFB LSJ Engine: Built for Boost

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For Cobalt LSJ and Ion Redline

When it comes to Ecotec engines, no one's been building them longer than Hahn RaceCraft, with a history of powerful Ecotecs that goes back over 15 years, and a history of world-record four-cylinder performance that goes back almost 50.  

Like most Ecotecs, the 2.0 responds nicely to typical durability improvements.  We can do very well with the stock block, crankshaft and head, focusing effort primarily on enhancing the strength of the rotating and reciprocating groups.  We've hit all the important points, and added options that give you the capability to customize your Hahn BFB 2.0.  No matter which configuration you choose, you're getting the best that Hahn RaceCraft can offer, and in this engine series, that is very good indeed!

Bill Hahn Jr. has spent many a race weekend (and late night race prep session!) developing this engine series, and his work is evident throughout.  Every part has been specified and selected by him, every detail and technique of assembly established by him, including exclusive features you won't find in any other Ecotec.  Bill oversees the entire process, during which his watchful eye has your back. From subtle lubrication enhancements, to knowing how to make it stay together under punishing power, he's relentless. As a final touch, Bill personally assembles each engine to his exacting specifications.

The BFB longblock assembly's major features:

  • Forged Steel BFB Connecting Rods: proven to 750 HP

  • Forged Aluminum BFB Pistons: correct compression ratio for mega-boost

  • Heavy-Duty Head Studs

  • New Oil Pump

  • New Cam Drive Components

  • New gaskets and seals

  • Clevite Bearings

  • Serdi Valve Machining

  • Micropolished Crankshaft

  • Blueprinted and Balanced Assembly

Whether turbocharged or supercharged, this pedigreed engine will set the stage for years of dependable high-boost enjoyment.  We can also build for higher power targets, or customize the build to suit your needs...just ask!

** Valvetrain: The standard BFB valvetrain prep is a great choice for engines making 16 PSI boost or less.  For higher boost, and/or extended high-RPM use (as in racing), our BFB Valve Spring and Titanium Retainer kit are recommended.

** Balance Shaft Delete: In stock form, Ecotec engines contain two balance shafts which cancel natural engine vibrations, making the engine silky-smooth for automotive use.  Removing (deleting) the shafts adds power and reduces engine rotating weight, and also reduces strain on the chain drive which they share with the water pump. 


Expect four to six weeks for your BFB engine to be hand-built to exacting standards.

In order to purchase a BFB engine, you must supply a core engine, or pay the core charge of $500.  The core charge is paid when you order the engine (we will invoice you), and will be refunded when we receive/inspect your rebuildable core.  Alternatively, you can send us your core engine prior to purchase, in which case no core charge will be in play.  Should you prefer to keep your stock engine, pay the core charge and it's yours!  Just let us know which way you wish to go when you order, and if you have any questions, be sure to ask.

Shipping charges vary with region/distance. We will inform you of the shipping charge when your BFB engine is completed and prepared for shipment.