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TurboSystem, Cobalt 2.0L Supercharged (LSJ)

TurboSystem, Cobalt 2.0L Supercharged (LSJ)

$ 1,500.00

Cobalt 2.0 LSJ-T TurboSystem

We have developed a tiered "Level" format to convert your supercharged SS into a mighty Turbocharged Cobalt. Each Level contains ALL of the components from the Levels before it, including the additional components associated with the each new  Level. This clever modular approach means you can "fill in the gaps" yourself to complete your own TurboSystem in Levels 1 through 4.  If you're instead looking for the complete solution, Level 5 has your back on everything you'll need.

LEVEL 1 Components Include:

  • Cobalt Precision TurboCharger and Wastegate

We use a cutting-edge Precision 5531 TurboCharger to provide up to 520 HP capability, yet also marry that high power to superb street performance.  It's proven to be a great place to start on a stock or internally modified engine.  Precision Turbo is well-known in street/strip circles for having amazingly broad power delivery for a turbocharger capable of such high max HP.  Precision 39mm wastegate and dump pipe included.  Options such as more powerful turbos and ball bearings are also available in this state-of-the-art line.   If you don't see the Precision Turbo model and features you'd prefer, just let us know and we'll hook you up!

    • Cobalt Precision Turbo Oil Solution

    The lifeline of your new turbocharger is its lubrication system.  Compromise this critical aspect and you won't only have to deal with puddles on the driveway…you may also have to replace a junked turbo!  Don’t take chances.  

      • Stainless steel Teflon-lined oil feed and block fitting
      • Drain block, gaskets and bolts
      • Oil drain line and oil pan fitting
      • Cobalt FAB40 Turbo Manifold

      Mounting the turbocharger close to the engine is our much-admired Fab40 Manifold, another proven design from Hahn RaceCraft.  Combining the flow capacity of a tubular header with the rock-solid dependability of a manifold, it's great way to maintain OEM-like durability for years at power levels from 250-700 HP! 

      FAB40 allows exhaust heat energy to instantly drive the turbo for the best possible response and thermal efficiency.  Superior to crack-prone tubular headers or lazy-spooling remotely located turbochargers.

        • Lifetime warranty against cracking
        • Outstanding turbo response from Direct Mount design
        • TIG-welded construction and precision machining by careful craftsmen
        • ARP Studs and stainless flanged nuts for secure, leak-free durability
        • Stainless steel turbine inlet gasket included

      LEVEL 2 Includes all Components from LEVEL 1 and the following:

      • Cobalt Turbo Exhaust Housing and MaxFlow Downpipe System

      The precision CNC-machined components form a perfectly tapered transition from the turbine outlet to the big-breathing 3” housing.  A heavy-duty flex section then transfers the gases into a mandrel-bent 3” stainless-steel downpipe for unimpeded flow to the cat-back exhaust (of course, you’d want to use a Hahn 3” SS CatBack for this!)

        • Superb flow for high HP and outstanding turbo response
        • TIG-welded by experienced American craftsmen
        • All premium materials, not imported, failure-prone junk
        • Can be provided with optional Wideband O2 socket 
        • Easily accepts any 3” catalytic converter (not included)
      • Cobalt Turbo Air Intake System

      No quality TurboSystem is complete without a high-flowing intake, and this Hahn system is another super-quality setup.  Features a genuine K&N filter with a Million Mile Warranty, it finishes off the underhood look while providing maximum airflow to the turbo inlet.

        • 3” tube for maximum flow
        • Mandrel-bent premium material
        • TIG-welded by American craftsmen
        • Powder-coated for show appearance and durability
        • Silicone hoses, high-quality clamps and hardware included

      LEVEL 3 Includes all Components from LEVEL 1, LEVEL 2, and the following:

      • Cobalt Front-Mount Intercooler

      This intercooler will provide serious performance at the power levels turbocharging is capable of.  Worlds ahead of the limited cooling capacity of the stock air-to-water intercooling system, this unit can easily support up to 600 HP without breathing hard, and will take your inlet air temperatures into regions you could only dream about with the stock intercooler!

        • Bolts directly to stock bumper…no need to even drill holes!
        • Keeps stock bumper support intact for legal and safe front-impact protection
        • 2.5” inlet, 3” outlet for outstanding flow
        • Premium 24” wide, 6” tall, 4.5” deep core for a massive 648 cubic inches of core volume
        • Mounting hardware included
      • Cobalt Billet Blow-Off Valve System

      Featuring our Billet Blow-Off Valvethis kit provides the mounting hardware and hoses to seamlessly integrate with our Cobalt Charge Air Piping System!

        • Billet Blow-Off Valve
        • Mounting Hardware
        • Signal Hose and fittings
      • Cobalt Charge Air Piping System

      Of course, your TurboSystem cannot achieve optimal performance unless its airflow is efficiently transported from turbo to intercooler, then from intercooler to throttle body.  This low-restriction system is just what you’d expect from Hahn RaceCraft: superbly engineered and expertly fabricated to provide world-class HP and show-quality appearance. 

        • 2.5” hot side, 3” cold side
        • CNC-machined MAF mounting flange
        • Mandrel-bent premium material
        • TIG-welded by American craftsmen
        • Powder-coated for show appearance and durability
        • Silicone hoses, high-quality clamps and hardware included

      LEVEL 4 Includes all Components from LEVEL 1, LEVEL 2, LEVEL 3, and the following:

      • Cobalt StreetRace CNC Billet SheetMetal Intake Manifold

      CLICK HERE to see more about this innovative replacement for the restrictive, heavy, hot-running stock intake manifold!

      LEVEL 5 Includes all Components from LEVEL 1, LEVEL 2, LEVEL 3, LEVEL 4, and the following:

      • Cobalt Turbo Fuel Injectors, Wiring Mod and PCM calibration

      Last, but certainly not least, the heart of the matter is how well your car runs with all its new TurboSystem hardware installed.  We will reprogram your PCM with an expert calibration, and provide a new set of 60 lb. injectors along with the wiring mods to support them.  Enjoy fabulous idle, effortless cruising, outstanding fuel economy, AND high power!

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