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Prepare for the best windshield upgrade you can get for Slingshot. F4 custom windshields are designed with two things in mind: high quality and years of experience. Every one of our motorcycle windscreens is constructed from the highest optical grade polycarbonate we can find. Polycarbonate is the superior material for this purpose, as it's super-strong, resisting cracking and scratching while retaining crystal clarity for many years of enjoyment. Each one is formed and coated with a proprietary hard coating that protects your windshield from scratches. The proprietary coating is also designed to shed rain and clean easy.

Our windshields come in varying height and style options, so you get the riding experience you want, whether that ride is a short-day trip or a 10,000-mile journey. Every F4 custom windshield is designed to perform and last wherever the road takes you.

Ordering notes:
For proper support and longest life, F4 Windshields benefit from a center windshield post, available at the following link if you don't already have one: Center Windshield Post

If your Slingshot has a top, let us know in the "notes" section as you place your order. We will provide a windshield with additional side clearance for your top's forward posts.

Choosing the right F4 Customs motorcycle windshield for Polaris Slingshot:

F4 Customs offers many varying height motorcycle replacement windshields for the Polaris Slingshot, so you can get the perfect ride. Selecting the perfect height windshield can be tricky for your motorcycle. Below are several descriptions of each height and what to expect as far as performance.

*Please note stock height may vary, our stock height windshield is taller than the ripper windshield that comes on 2017 and newer models*

Stock: This motorcycle windscreen is the same height as the windshields on 2017 and older models. Measuring roughly 10.25” from the bottom to the top of the windshield. If you are happy with the performance of the stock windshield but like the benefits of an F4 Customs windshield, this is a great option!

Plus 3: The Plus 3 is 3” taller than our stock height motorcycle windshield. The Plus 3 allows for more wind protection than the stock height, while still looking over the windshield.

Plus 5: The Plus 5 is a great option for those that want to maximize their wind protection. It is 5” taller than our stock height. This is a great motorcycle windshield for long rides, offering maximum protection from the wind and road debris. Most people will look through this windscreen.

Plus 7: This motorcycle windscreen is 7” taller than the stock height. Again, giving you even more protection. Many people purchase this height if they have a top. It is a great windshield for those that want a different look and want to be protected.

Special Order: May take up to 5 weeks.

Plus 9: The Plus 9 is a whopping 9” taller than our stock height. Providing the maximum amount of wind protection of any Slingshot replacement windscreen. This windscreen is also a favorite for those with the tops on their bikes.

Special Order: May take up to 5 weeks.