NEW! Built for Boost Forged Piston Kit, Forced Induction 2.4L Ecotec

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If there's one thing the Hahn family has been hard on in 50 years of mega-powered inline fours, it's pistons. Pistons in engines making 200, 300, sometimes as much as 700 HP per liter of displacement lead a tortured life, dealing not only with the immense forces involved, but also the consequences of tuning changes. The piston is where it all comes together, where the fire and forces of combustion are converted into linear motion on its way to the wheels. Nothing less than the best will do.

Piston design is thus a cumulative affair, and one thing the Hahns don't do is use off-the-shelf designs. Instead, we design our own, with all the capability and excellence that can only come from decades of race and championship-winning performance. 

These Built for Boost (BFB) Ecotec 2.4 pistons are no exception. Built to Hahn specs by noted piston manufacturer Wiseco, and based upon a brutally strong design pioneered in 1200+ HP Mitsubishi engines, this latest continuation of our proven high-powered concepts raises the bar even higher. Fantastically strong, yet also 100% streetable, these pistons will give you the confidence you need to lean on it, and the durability Hahn products are noted for.

Ring lands and ring styles have been engineered for maximum support and optimal sealing. Detonation damage resistance in this critical region is many times that of the brittle stock cast pistons. The massive gun-drilled wrist pins feature a meaty .205" wall thickness. Wrist pin support bosses are generous enough that zero piston distortion in heavy use is always the case...the pins slide right out just like they slid right in at assembly.

Compression ratio is a boost-friendly 9.1:1, a considerable reduction from the stock piston's less-tolerant 10.4:1.

Compatible with stock and aftermarket connecting rods, these pistons are provided in a 0.1 mm over configuration, so they will hone into stock bores. For optimal durability, we do not recommend boring Ecotec cylinders. 

If you're ready to build a bad-ass boosted 2.4, and you want your work to shine, you won't find a better piston to put at its heart. Make no compromises! Let our illustrious racing and development career assure you of the finest results.