FullRace Exhaust System, Polaris Slingshot SST

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The FullRace Exhaust System:

As the name implies, this is the loudest option of all.  Features include:
  • Stainless-steel downpipe equipped with high-flow catalytic converter.
  • Two O2 sensor bungs.  One for the factory O2 sensor, one for an aftermarket O2 sensor for wideband air/fuel ratio monitoring.
  • Stainless-steel wastegate dump
This exhaust has an unmistakeable note.  There will be no doubt that you are equipped with the Hahn RaceCraft SST Turbosystem when you hear that turbo make power!

Other Exhaust System Options:

If loud, simple, and direct are not for you, check out our muffled exhaust systems:
*Note: FullRace, StreetRace and SidePipes Dual Exhaust Systems are for Hahn RaceCraft SST Turbosystems only.