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High Performance Intercooler, HHR SS/Turbocharged

High Performance Intercooler, HHR SS/Turbocharged

$ 500.00

We didn't have to go much further than our popular Solstice/Sky intercooler to design this exciting new version for Cobalt SS/TC. Using our purpose-built and designed cooling core (a Hahn exclusive!) provided a proven solution, one not limited by choosing some "off-the-shelf" universal core. This core features a whopping 835 cubic inches of volume!

And now, we've now also added CFD-designed cast and polished aluminum end tanks.  They are carefully engineered to augment airflow while avoiding turbulence and 'dead spots'. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) allows our engineers to perfectly simulate tank internal airflow characteristics for a perfect result every time.  You'll love the smooth look and exceptional performance!

For a well-engineered finishing touch, we retained the OEM mounting brackets and their beneficial rubber isolator mounts.

The largest unit available, with 28% more core volume than the nearest competitor, this unit will provide all the cooling your TC could ever need, no matter what you do in the future to increase its power! It not only increases overall power, it also improves throttle response due to reduced inlet restriction. While its overall core volume is over 150% that of stock, it still nestles cleanly into the space occupied by the stock intercooler. Its bar-and-plate construction considerably improves both heat storage and rejection compared to the stock tube/fin design. Compatible with both stock and Hahn RaceCraft intercooler piping, as well as with a Hahn Tune.

Add the Hahn RaceCraft logo in red or black for no additional charge!


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