High Performance Intercooler, Sky RedLine/Solstice GXP

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Drawing upon his decades of TurboSystem design experience, Bill Hahn Jr. pulled out all the stops on this exciting unit.  With a whopping 850 cubic inches of core volume, this monster dwarfs the stock unit's volume by 300%!  True to the company name, Bill was sure to add his signature RACE-quality CRAFTsmanship in every detail !!

First, Bill used computer aided design (CAD) to create super-trick aluminum endtanks that actually function as hi-flow air manifolds.  They eliminate the power-robbing turbulence that hobbles the stock tanks. 

Then Bill designed a gigantic 4.5" thick, 27" wide, 8" tall bar and plate core, the largest cooling capacity of any Hahn RaceCraft intercooler upgrade to date!  This core is uniquely designed, specifically for GXP and RedLine.

Last, he made sure this would be a hassle-free installation.  Easy to install, this unit fits cleanly into the stock location, and does not require extensive modifications. 

With enough capacity to effectively support over 700 HP, this is the only intercooler upgrade your GXP/RedLine will ever need.  The mass of this unit is 230% that of stock, providing unprecedented heat-soak protection.  Whatever you can dish out, this intercooler isn't going to whimper!  Perfect for street cars that see serious fun, as well as autocross and road racing where continuous duty demands the maximum cooling capacity and heat-soak resistance.  For peace of mind, critical cooling airflow to the radiator is not compromised.  And, of course, if your car is modified, it's taxing the stock intercooler even harder, so the Hahn Intercooler Upgrade can benefit you even more!

Dyno testing has shown up to a 27 WHP increase on otherwise stock car.  Due to the significantly improved airflow this unit provides, power and response are improved at all RPM and throttle positions (see dyno graph below).  Customers report not only notable peak power increases, but also significantly improved throttle response and low-speed power.

UPDATE, 10/12/2016: Our Solstice GXP/Sky Redline Intercooler Upgrade is already a hot seller with its high-flowing tanks and enormous core. But we decided, what the heck...let's make it even better!

Today we converted the design to meaty 2.5" piping in place of the previous 2.375" configuration. It took the better part of the day to carefully complete the conversion, with new tooling and a painstakingly modified welding fixture to properly accommodate the change. The results were perfect! Now standard on all Solstice GXP and Sky Redline Intercooler Upgrades. We don't just stand pat, we love to raise that bar!  Photo of new larger tubes:

Test Vehicle:  2007 Saturn Sky Redline, otherwise stock except for Hahn Intercooler
This dyno graph shows a run in 2nd, 3rd, and then 4th gear.
As much as 27 WHP increase, with excellent improvement at all RPM levels.