SidePipes Dual Exhaust System, Polaris Slingshot SST

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The SidePipes Dual Exhaust System:

Featuring a Magnaflow Stainless-Steel dual muffler, we built upon our StreetRace Exhaust concept and routed the exhaust out the side of the Slingshot. The effects are just what we wanted: improved sound, and reduced exhaust fumes and exhaust noise in the cockpit.  It's also eye candy, dripping with slick Hahn design and detailed execution!

  • Magnaflow Stainless-Steel dual-pass muffler.
  • Stainless Steel wastegate exhaust routed into muffler.
  • Dual Port Trim Plate included
  • Two Slash-Cut Doublewall Polished Stainless Tips
  • Full Hardware for a complete installation

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      *Note: FullRace, StreetRace and SidePipes Dual Exhaust Systems are for Hahn RaceCraft SST Turbosystems only.