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SpeedBoostGPS Power Management System

SpeedBoostGPS Power Management System

$ 800.00

The SpeedBoost Power Management System:

Drawing upon the Hahn legacy of mega-powered motorcycles, Bill designed SpeedBoost to help harness the amazing power of the SST-equipped TurboCharged Slingshot.  SpeedBoost makes it easy to have multiple power levels at your fingertips, and fully automatic action when you are under power too!

SpeedBoost provides a dash-mounted rocker switch with three positions: Low, High and SpeedBoost.  Choose from Low Boost or High Boost to select the full-time power level you desire, or select SpeedBoost.  SpeedBoost mode will automatically shift from low power to high power depending on vehicle speed.  This keeps the power level manageable in lower gears, and then goes for it once you're rolling fast enough to handle Stage 2X power without spinning the tire!

Fully adjustable for the speed at which the system shifts from low to high power.  The complete system includes everything needed for installation:

  • Speed Boost Control Module
  • Control solenoid, fittings and hose
  • Custom wiring harness
  • Dash-mountable three-position switch (takes the place of one switch blockoff in the stock dash)
  • Installation manual
  • Hardware including relay kit and fuses

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