StreetRace Exhaust System, Polaris Slingshot SST TurboSystem

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The StreetRace Exhaust System:

Featuring a Magnaflow Stainless-Steel dual muffler, it's much more street-worthy than the FullRace Exhaust System.  Features include:
  • Magnaflow Stainless-Steel dual muffler.
  • Two O2 sensor bungs.  One for the factory 02 sensor, one for aftermarket O2 sensors for wideband air/fuel ratio monitoring.
  • Stain-less steel wastegate exhaust routed into the Magnaflow muffler with flex section for strength during engine movement.
  • Optional sound tunability with our NEW! Baffle system.
This exhaust's note is intended for the street driven machine. A more docile sound level without sacrificing performance. The perfect combination for a high-powered Slingshot!
Take advantage of our StreetRace Exhaust System Upgrade offer! When purchasing your Slingshot SST TurboSystem, upgrade to the StreetRace Exhaust System for an extra $200.00!

StreetRace Exhaust System Options:

Other Exhaust System Options:

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*Note: FullRace, StreetRace and SidePipes Dual Exhaust Systems are for Hahn RaceCraft SST Turbosystems only.