SOLO 2006-2009 SQR-2 Rear Center Dual CAT Back Exhaust Kit Pontiac Solstice 2.4L

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Solo’s SQR-2 rear center dual exhaust kit was a labor of love that took over eight months of engineering and design. To get this incredible exhaust note we designed and redesigned our front Quantum resonator and our rear Storm muffler. The unique internals of both these products are not available anywhere else. For us the completion of this SQR-2 kit is all about pride and accomplishment. For you the SQR-2 kit is all about transforming your Solstice in both looks and sound.

If a 4cyl was ever to sound like a V8, this is it! There are not enough O’s in smooooooth to describe the sweet sound while revving or accelerating. This is an absolutely no drone exhaust system that can be complemented with our 2.4 header and/or our free flow catalytic converter.

A rear valence change is required to complete this look, please contact Norm’s Fiberglass (574) 255-7843  for your valence or diffuser order. ( The valence or diffuser is not included in the price of your Solo Kit)  (

Here are some attributes of our SQR-2 system:
•Fully polished stainless steel cat back exhaust kit.
•Includes all necessary hardware for installation.
•Fantastic Exhaust note, recommended for all.

SQR-2 Kit

Front Pipe:
•  2 ½ ” polished piping.
•  Laser cut stainless steel flange.
•  Extra hanger included for support.
•  Aircraft quality quantum resonator designed and manufactured by Solo Performance.
•  Heavy duty double braided flex pipe is used.

Rear Section:
•  2 ¼” Dual polished piping.
•  Storm series muffler designed and manufactured by Solo Performance.
•  Dual Stainless steel exhaust tips manufactured by Solo Performance.

Rear Valence:
•  Finely crafted by Norm’s Fiberglass,
•  Professionally painted to match your car. TO ORDER PLEASE CONTACT NORM AT THE ABOVE NOTED NUMBER.

•  6 HP increase, 10+ torque increase, rev’s come much quicker, many reports of gas mileage increase.