SOLO 2007–2009 Redline Mach CAT Back Exhaust System Saturn Redline 2.0L Turbo

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The Solo Performance Redline Mach exhaust kit is Solo’s quietest Redline exhaust kit. This kit was developed for discerning customers who wants a quieter performance. it has a very nice, moderate rumble while revving and under load, but it becomes quiet at cruise speed.

With this kit, you can finally hear this magnificent vehicle but the sound will never be too much. This is one performance kit that won’t wake up your neighbours.

Details of the Redline Mach exhaust kit:
•  Solo’s quietest exhaust kit for the Turbo Redline.
•  Uses Solo’s Mach series dual in, dual out 14″ long X design muffler.
•  Includes beautifully crafted, dual, bevelled and staggered exhaust tip (fits the valence perfectly.)
•  Recommended for everyone.
•  Classified as “Quieter, Tasteful Performance.”