Street Exhaust, HHR 2.4L

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This is an ultra-performance system that also boasts the most pleasing tone available.  It is deep and throaty, not at all 'tinny' or 'raspy'.  Much loved as the best-sounding exhaust available for HHR!

We sweated the details extensively, custom tuning the muffler and resonator to achieve the uniquely Hahn tone.  This super-effective combination of resonator and main muffler was created specifically for Cobalt. The result is a sound much loved in the Cobalt community.  It achieves a powerful presence, yet without the excessive noise or interior drone associated with lesser "systems" that use off-the-shelf universal mufflers and no actual sound development. 

An attractive and classy polished 4.5” tip is augmented by the polished muffler and resonator.  High-quality hardware and stainless band-style clamps are included.   Not to be confused with cheap, poor-quality imports that can drive you crazy with excessive noise and short life, this is an American-built system that uses only premium materials and techniques. 

  • Superior sound, no drone or bark, just smooth mellow tone
  • Preferred by HHR enthusiasts who've heard them all
  • RaceCrafted in USA by Americans, not a cheap Asian import
  • Modular design for race and street options
  • Proven to support over 500 HP