Turbo Mounting Stud Set

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One lesson a seasoned turbo tuner always learns: crappy turbo mounting hardware is a pain.  Continual leaks, blown gaskets, warped flanges, loose fasteners, lost races...all because we used hardware store junk at one of the most challenging connections on our build.  We've even seen some so-called "turbosystem" builders provide BOLTS to attach the turbo to the manifold. Ridiculous!

Then there's this solution, which simply does not come loose.  Ever.  Over the years, with tens of thousands of turbosystems produced, we've had the opportunity to perfect this critical area.  These superior studs are manufactured for us by the legendary ARP, and feature a 3/8"-16 thread on the manifold end.  On the turbo end, we provide our stainless steel 3/8" locking flange nuts that just won't let go. 

When you're ready to do it right...buy this kit once, and never worry about it again.  As equipped in all Hahn RaceCraft Turbo Upgrades and TurboSystems.