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In celebration of Hahn RaceCraft smashing into the 12-second zone with a normally-aspirated Slingshot, we are offering an unprecedented price on the 12-second Bundle! This dyno and track-proven combination of the most powerful performance upgrades available for your Slingshot is the same we ran as quick as 12.76 seconds with! It also sounds great and pulls like mad on the street. 

Just put a CoolRam Intake/StreetRace manifold combo into your cart, add a Triumph exhaust with header, all of which are already discounted in our Summer Slingshot Sale. Then use the discount code "BUNDLE" at checkout to save even more - you can get into a complete 12-second power combo with all these meticulously RACE-crafted parts for as little as $1546!

In the video:
This amazing normally-aspirated (no turbo, supercharger or nitrous) Slingshot, prepared by Hahn RaceCraft and piloted by Bill Hahn Jr, has run as quick as 12.76 @ 103 MPH and is the quickest of its kind in the world. Stock Slingshots will run 14.6 seconds at 95 MPH, so this Hahn RaceCraft combination has sheared nearly two seconds off!

The machine is equipped with the following:

Hahn RaceCraft CoolRam Intake System

Hahn RaceCraft StreetRace Intake Manifold

Hahn RaceCraft Triumph Side Exit Exhaust and header

Hahn/QA1 Triple Adjustable Coilovers

N2MB WotBox

Mickey Thompson ET Street R rear tire

Lightweight front wheels/tires

That's it, that's all it took to put a normally-aspirated Slingshot into the 12's, using the most powerful normally-aspirated package available for Slingshot. Of course, we also put in the work to develop a great-working chassis combo with hints and tricks Bill has developed in 40 years of drag racing prowess. All this setup information is also available to our customers.

The combo uses a stock PCM, and is dyno-proven to produce 185 WHP, or about 210 engine HP, a vast yet completely bolt-on improvement to the stock Slingshot's 177 HP. The evening of this video, the machine laid down four consecutive 12 second passes as we turned it up: 12.95, 12.86, 12.86, 12.84. It also punched out a 12.76 in cooler conditions. You don't need to go turbo or supercharged to enjoy badass Slingshot performance, and Hahn RaceCraft has the recipe. We will have a video available soon that will detail our Slingshot Trip to the Twelves!